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1000 candidates so far, one week extension for sponsor challenges. Keep on Dreaming!

Today January 31 at 23:59 contests to send the online applications to become a dreamer of Imagine Express 2014 have been closed. We have received over 1,000 candidatures! We would like to thank all of you who have express your interest in forming part of the program, the jury is excited to start evaluating the candidatures!

The 36 final dreamers will be presented in a public event in Barcelona the 19th of February. Dreamers will be announced also periodically through our social networks: facebook, twitter and blog.

Breaking news! If you have ideas to solve the challenges proposed by our sponsors you can submit your ideas until the 7th of February at 23:59 (GMT+1)!

- App that can facilitate the management of multiple treatments and multiple medications of a patient
- App to enhance and/or ensure patient adherence to their treatment
- Healthy habits (motivate patients to follow them)
- Bring the population and/or patients closer to health professionals in an efficient way (to avoid long waits in the emergency room for example)
- For more information download pdf

“It’s time to think about banking as an electronic structure. It’s time to bite the bullet and admit that retail banking is not a physical distribution structure with electronic channels on top, but an electronic distribution structure with electronic and physical channels on top. It’s time to become the Digital Bank.”
From Chris Skinner’s book “The Digital Bank”

- How will people relate with each other in the future? We must redesign and rethink how the relationship and services of financial institutions will be with their customers via mobile devices.
- How can financial institutions give value to the information, often unstructured, that they have by taking advantage of the Big Data movement through mobile applications?
- How can value generation be stimulated through mobile applications between the client community and the financial institutions? Value for the institution and/or for the customer.
- Which are the mobile applications that will allow comercial managers of financial institutions increase their productivity, both in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.


Bringing hotels and Barcelona citizens closer: create a project that improves the performance of the hotel facilities so that Barcelona citizens can take advantage of them and this way establishing links with recurring customers. This would promote the use and understanding of unique spaces the use of these and would also stimulate new ways of leisure and city services.
- How to get customers of the hotel to interact with the property without overwhelming the reception. Via an outmatic check-in / check-out the customer could choose the roomer they wanted, etc. Create a similar service as those that can be found when buying a plain ticket but for the hotel experience.


Best of luck to all our participants! Keep on dreaming!


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Workshop Complot para plaza de creativo

Complot Barcelona busca al creativo que ocupará la última plaza en el tren de Imagine Express 2014.

¿Cómo puedo ocupar ese último lugar disponible en el tren?

Si ya tienes tu aplicación revolucionaria en mente o estás con muchas ganas de comenzar un proyecto App, Complot Barcelona te ofrece la posibilidad de participar en la Academia Imagine by Complot.

Durante dos sábados consecutivos 15 participantes deberán competir por la última plaza en el tren de Imagine Express reservada para un creativo.


¿En qué consiste la Academia Imagine by Complot?

Se trata de un Workshop que tiene como objetivo brindar el conocimiento necesario para que los participantes puedan controlar el mundo de las Aplicaciones Móviles y estén en condiciones de subir al tren de Imagine Express con una idea de App de alto valor.

Sábado 08 de Febrero de 10 a 20h:
Habrá ocho Master Classes de ocho profesionales del sector, que te ayudarán a entender y sentar las bases para que puedas trabajar tu Idea dentro del universo de las Aplicaciones Móviles.

01) Introducción al mundo de las Aplicaciones Móviles: Iván Bruque (software Engineer y Project Manager).
02) Como buscar ideas de valor: Philippe Delespesse (fundador de Inteligencia Creativa).
03) Usabilidad y Especificaciones técnicas: Valentí Freixanet (fundador de Biapum).
04) Marketing en Apps: Malwine Steinbock (fundadora Cookbooth).
05) Creatividad en Apps: Tomás Ferrándiz (Director Creativo en Tiempo BBDO).
06) En primera persona: Víctor Fortunado (fundador Cookbooth).
07) Qué busca un inversor: Xavi Verdaguer desde San Francisco (fundador de Imagine Creativity Center).
08) Casos de éxito: Rosa Monge desde San Francisco (CEO de Imagine Creativity Center).

Sábado 15 de Febrero de 10 a 20h:
Será el día destinado a las presentaciones y rondas de eliminaciones. Los participantes competirán durante toda la jornada tanto de manera individual como grupal. Al final del día sólo uno será el ganador y subirá al tren de Imagine Express 2014.

350€ (pago anticipado)
350€ (exalumnos Complot)

Envíanos un mail a con el asunto “me quiero subir al tren” y te indicaremos los pasos a seguir.





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Eduardo Palenzuela Dreamer from PCTT

Today after an interview + challenge from a jury with the 3 finalists of the contest organized by the Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Tenerife (PCTT)  the final winner has been chosen to become a developer Dreamer of Imagine Express 2014. The winner to represent PCTT during Imagine Express 2014 will be Eduardo Palenzuela.

Eduardo Palenzuela is a software developer with extensive knowledge in various programing languages including Objective-C, C #, Visual Basic, PHP or ActionScript. Passionate about Software Architecture, he has specialized in developing apps, requirements analysis, database design, user interface design and usability. Currently, he is part of the development team at General de Software de Canarias in the division of iOS app development and he is also responsible of the development t of various projects of the Ministry of Education of the Government of the Canary Islands.

The Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Tenerife (PCTT) has the mission to stimulate  creation and development of innovative technology companies based in Tenerife effectively, efficiently and sustainably through the creation of several innovative environments where spaces, infrastructures and adequate services are provided. The PCTT is configured as a key player and a referential place for innovation on the island of Tenerife, contributing to the strengthening of the island’s economy and increasing the competitiveness of Tenerife.

Congratulations Eduardo Palenzuela!



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CDmon joins Imagine with 10,000 eur in Prizes

CDmon, one of the leading companies in the hosting and web domain field in Spain, has joined Imagine Express making a contribution valued in 10,000 euros for web hosting services during one year! CDmon wants to make sure all the participants and the winners of Imagine Express have an online platform to house their web projects.

The 4 winning teams will enjoy having their own virtual server, each valued in more than 1,000 euros. A powerful server, witch scalable resources allowing them to gro technologically if needed. The rest of the 32 participants will enjoy their of their own web hosting, with a professional hosting plan of 5 GB of web space, 50 email accounts and 500MB for database, among other resources.

Throughout the year, the Imagine Express Participants will be able to use the 24 hours CDmon technical customer service, to answer questions and receive personalized advice.

The goal of CDmon is to help all the dreamers grow online with quality domain & hosting services .


Thank you CDmon!


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