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Natalia Domínguez Dreamer from Banco Sabadell

Natalia Domínguez has been chosen to represent Banco Sabadell as a business  dreamer at Imagine Express 2014. Congratulation and welcome on board Natalia!

Natalia has an extensive investment experience. She started her career in 1996 as an equity analyst and then became portfolio manager. Currently she is fund manager and head of equities at Banco Sabadell. She is passionate about her work, as it gives her the opportunity to learn every day from the business and strategies of the companies, as well as from the global economic trends. Besides, she enjoys the continuous challenge of achieving the investment objectives. Natalia has a degree in Economics from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and has recently completed an MBA at ESADE.

Banco Sabadell is Spain’s fourth largest private banking group, which is comprised of different banks, brands, subsidiaries and part-owned companies covering all areas of the financial business sector under a common denominator: professional performance and quality. A young, highly-qualified team, with the most modern, up-to-date technological and commercial resources and a multi-brand, multi-channel organisation focusing on the client enable Banco Sabadell to occupy an outstanding position in the personal and business banking markets



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Sana Khouja Dreamer from Eada

Sana Khouja will been one of the two representatives (together with Mateo Pereira) from EADA to join Imagine Express 2014 as a business profile. Welcome on board Sana!

Sana currently collaborates independently as business developer for startups and does consultancy for several projects. She enjoys taking part of challenging projects, especially those that involve risks and pioneers. She knows she needs to take responsibility to ensure success in her work.

Sana has a special interest in Islamic Finance, in which she has been active over the past two years and has led her to make contacts, live great experiences and travel to the Middle East countries in various occasions. Sana studied business administration and management, and in the past 8 years she has worked in different companies taking different positions such as marketing, sales, finance and international trade, implementing spanish companies in the the Middle East countries. Currently MBA candidate at EADA.

Sana is passionate about entrepreneurship, and her career goal is oriented in this way. Hobbies: travel, dancing zumba, practice “bikram yoga” and running.

Founded in 1957, EADA was one of the first Spanish institutions to provide training programmes that specifically targeted the business world. For over 50 years EADA has been in the frontline of manager training and in-company training programmes for the business community. Their longstanding relations with over 350 Associated Companies constitute the backbone of EADA’straining and intends to address the needs of the corporate world by urging the participants on EADAprogrammes to take on an active role in their own career development. Over 120,000 participants from over 50 countries have entrusted their training to EADA, which in itself goes to show that this institution is one of Europe’s most innovative and prestigious business schools.



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Web Contest Announcement Express 2014

The upcoming Thursday 20th of February, we will be holding an event to announce  36 winners of Imagine Express 2014. Free registration and more details at:

These past days we have been announcing a few winners of Imagine Express. These winners are the participants who have one contests sponsored by our partners. From each of the three categories (Creative, Business and Developer) 6 slots will be given to dreamers who will represent our sponsors and 6 slots will be given to winners of the Imagine web contest.

The last slots to become a dreamer of Imagine Express 2014 will be given during a competition that will take place during the event of the 20th of February. There will be 5 ideas and 5 business profiles competing for the las 2 positions of each of these categories. As for the developers, there will be a face off Android vs. iPhone and one winner will be chosen. The other 4 dreamers (of the 6 slots given through the web contest) will be announced both during the event and in our webpage.


Summary of how dreamer slots will be appointed:

Creative Profile

6 dreamers chosen through sponsor contests

4 dreamers chosen through web contest (announced February 20th)

2 dreamers chosen from competition that will take place the 20th of February (5 candidates to enter competition will be chosen from web contest)

Business Profile

6 dreamers chosen through sponsor contests

4 dreamers chosen through web contest (announced February 20th)

2 dreamers chosen from competition that will take place the 20th of February (5 candidates to enter competition will be chosen from web contest)

Developer Profile

6 dreamers chosen through sponsor contests

5 dreamers chosen through web contest (announced February 20th)

1 dreamer chosen from competition that will take place the 20th of February (2 candidates to enter competition will be chosen from web contest, android vs. iphone)


With over 1,200 candidatures the Imagine team has been overwhelmed by all the talent that has participated in all the contestes. We would like to thank everyone who has submitted a candidature for the effort and energy. It is amazing to see how many dreamers are out there! THANK YOU!




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Daniel Jiménez dreamer of UAB

Daniel Jiménez Mendoza has been chosen to represent the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona as a developer dreamer at Imagine Express 2014. Welcome on board Daniel!

Daniel Jiménez Mendoza studies computer engineering at the UAB School of Engineering. His passions are computer-assisted vision, artificial intelligence, robotics, data analysis and computer Technology in general. He has a broad-ranging knowledge of languages (such as C, C++, C#, Python, Java, Matlab, MySQL, PHP5 and HTML5), hardware (Arduino, NF and RaspBerry Pi) and software (3DSMax, Blender, Logic Pro, Cubase and Andoid/Windows Phone development, among others).

As a software developer, he has collaborated in the CTL4Enviro and Ingravity Media projects. He has also been involved in projects on augmented reality, LEDs and persistence of vision.

The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona is a leading university that provides teaching tailored to the needs of society and adapted to new European models of knowledge. Recognised internationally for the quality and innovation of its research, it coordinates a powerful scientific and technological hub, fostering attitudes that generate business ideas and projects, reflecting onto its socio-economic environment the activities that it generates and transmits, thus divulging new knowledge in the process.

The UAB School of Engineering is located in the heart of this privileged innovation and research environment, offers cutting-edge studies that focus firmly on the future, and provides a broad range of possibilities within the strategic ambit of our country’s industry.




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Microsoft joins Imagine Express with 60,000 eur in Prizes

The four winning team of Imagine Express 2014 will enter the Microsoft BizSpark program!

The Microsoft BizSpark program provides technology, support, visibility, and community to promising startups and entrepreneurs at no charge.

Microsoft BizSpark gives entrepreneurs access to 900+ current, full-featured software development tools, platform technologies, and server products to build software applications. BizSpark  startups also get monthly credits and production use rights onAzure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, enabling you to build, deploy and manage your apps.

Startups that become part of the BizSpark  ecosystem  get access to investors, advisors, and valuable offers to help run their businesses, find talent, and obtain financing. Startups also get access to technical, product and business training and support.

BizSpark  members receive free one-year Windows Store and Windows Phone developer accounts where you can promote and distribute your apps around the world, offer trial versions to build excitement, track sales and customer feedback in the dashboard, and more!

BizSpark  will also help startups gain market traction by offering the opportunity for startups to promote your app on the BizSpark website and gain further visibility through the Featured BizSpark  Startup series.


BizSpark  Program Benefits:

  • Access to Microsoft Software valued un 15,000 euros
  • Access to cloud computing – Azure
  • Technical Support
  • Free Online legal advice during 1 year
  • Access to the Bizspark community (more than 50,000 in the whole world)

Duration of program: 3 years



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Mateo Pereira dreamer from Eada

Mateo Pereira will been one of the two representatives from EADA to join Imagine Express 2014 as a business profile. Welcome on board Mateo!

Mateo is a Industrial Engineer with a postgraduate degree on Mobile Business. He is an enthusiastic entrepreneur always looking for new challenges and opportunities. Currently partner of Sodaberry to develop some amazing apps for the FIFA World Cup. He is also in charge of Monetization and Marketing Strategies for the TowerRevenge Project, an independent game. He is from Argentina and now living in Barcelona where he studies Product Management and Marketing Online at EADA.


Founded in 1957, EADA was one of the first Spanish institutions to provide training programmes that specifically targeted the business world. For over 50 years EADA has been in the frontline of manager training and in-company training programmes for the business community. Their longstanding relations with over 350 Associated Companies constitute the backbone of EADA’s training and intends to address the needs of the corporate world by urging the participants on EADA programmes to take on an active role in their own career development. Over 120,000 participants from over 50 countries have entrusted their training to EADA, which in itself goes to show that this institution is one of Europe’s most innovative and prestigious business schools.



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Joui Cumeras Khan Dreamer from UVic

Joui Cumeras Khan will be joining Imagine Express 2014 as a developer. Welcome on board Joui!

Joui Cumeras Khan is a young student of the Multimedia Degree in the Polytechnic School (EPS) of the University of Vic. He has experience in mobile development and software environments such as Android, Java, PHP, Javascript, Photoshop, After Effects and FL Studio. He was the creator and developer of successful Android apps “Talk, Text Voice” and “Colorex”. He has recently joined the Robotic Team “Garrins Metal·lics – UVIC” that were the winners in FTC Challenge Competition in Grenoble 2013. He also was member of the Team “In a multicolor chip – Cyborg Project”, developping the EyeborgApp, and they received the 2013 EYA (European Youth Award) competition, in the “Create your Culture” category.



The University of Vic is a young university, that wants to play a part in Europe and the wider world building on its strong Catalan roots. From its very beginnings UVIC has promoted academic quality and a humane context for student-centred training. The teaching programmes offer quality and contact with students, as required for the European Higher Education Area. The Polythecnic School (EPS-UVIC) develops its academic, research and knowledge transfer in the fields of multimedia, industrial and electronic engineering, environmental and food science, biology and biotechnology.


Joui Cumeras

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Daily Imagine Express by Eva Torrents


Eva Torrents will go to Imagine Express with a unique challenge: to prove that is possible to create an great editorial product while working on a train ride and combining the system on-train and off-train.

Her challenge is to publish a book in  6000 minutes, which is how long the Imagine Express journey will last. The publication, Imagine Daily Express, wants to show the experiences and emotions of the participants in the program, showing the variables that drive entrepreneurship in these 4 days and while subjected to continuous time pressure.

The Daily Express will also collect the authors personal experience, subjected to the same pressure as the rest of the participants. The commitment is to finish the book at the “minute zero” of Imagine Express on 27th February, at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress.

Eva Torrents will write the contents and the designer Anna Defez will work from Barcelona on the design and composition of the publication simultaneously. “It won’t be a blog with updates of what’s happening on the train. It’s about creating an editorial for publication “says Eva Torrents.

Imagine Daily Express wants to be a book that captures the attitudes and emotions that drive entrepreneurs to the extreme: under a very intense time pressure, they’ll have to work with their new partners who they have just met and with the final goal of being able to  convince the investors and jury in 3 minutes.

“I’m convinced that we will see in Imagine Express the entrepreneurial process and attitudes in a compact format, taken to the extreme. Basically, the dreamers will have to overcome the challenges that  arise in any process of entrepreneurship: creativity, development, viability of business and selling the idea to investors and the market. To see this process in the purest form and in a countdown format will allow a drawing of entrepreneurship in its essence”, says Eva Torrents.

Imagine Daily Express will be published on the website of Imagine Express and some editorial and media sites.

Eva Torrents is passionate for communication. As a journalist, she has over 11 years experience in media in newspapers and radio and  she also has more than 12 years of experience in corporate communications and strategic marketing.

Convinced that it’s absolutely necessary that communications advance with an entrepreneurial spirit towards new models , she has also taught for several years  Journalism and Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Vic (Barcelona).

After directing the marketing and communication area of a multinational company for 6 years , in 2008 she decided to start her own project, Dívik Communication & Marketing, from where she coaches in their process of strategic communication and collaborates doing consultancy for several entrepreneurship projects helping them from her professional experience.





Eva Torrents puja a l’Imagine Express amb un repte singular: demostrar que un producte editorial amb cara i ulls és possible treballant sobre vies i combinant el sistema on-train i off-train.

El seu repte és escriure una publicació en els 6000 minuts de countdown que durarà el trajecte d’Imagine Express. La publicació, l’Imagine Daily Express, vol traslladar, per una banda, les vivències i les emocions dels participants al programa, mostrant les variables que mouen l’emprenedoria en 4 dies i sotmeses a una pressió de temps contínua. Per l’altra, el Daily Express recollirà la pròpia vivència de la relatora, sotmesa a la mateixa pressió que la resta de participants i amb el compromís de tancar el projecte al minut zero de l’Imagine Express el 27 de febrer al Barcelona Mobile World Congress.

Mentre ella trasllada a la publicació els continguts, la dissenyadora Anna Defez treballarà des de Barcelona en el disseny i la composició de la publicació simultàniament. “No es tracta de fer un bloc amb updates del que està passant al tren. Es tracta de crear una publicació editorial” diu Eva Torrents.

Imagine Daily Express vol ser una publicació que capti les actituds i les emocions que mouen els emprenedors d’una manera extrema: sotmesos a una pressió de temps molt intensa, obligats a entendre’s amb partners a qui encara no coneixen i sent capaços de seduir els inversors en 3 minuts.

Estic convençuda que a Imagine Express veurem les actituds pròpies del procés emprenedor en format compacte, portades a l’extrem. En el fons, els dreamers hauran d’experimentar i superar els handicaps que poden sorgir en qualsevol procés d’emprenedoria: creativitat, desenvolupament, viabilitat de negoci i vendre la idea als inversors i al mercat. Veure-ho en estat pur i en format de countdown permetrà dibuixar l’emprenedoria en essència”, afirma Eva Torrents.

L’Imagine Daily Express es publicarà al web d’Imagine Express i a alguns portals editorials i de mitjans de comunicació.

Torrents és una apassionada per la comunicació en totes les seves vessants. De formació periodística i amb més d’11 anys d’experiència en mitjans de comunicació, com premsa i ràdio, en fa més de 12 que es va llançar a la comunicació corporativa i al màrqueting estratègic.

Convençuda que cal fer avançar la comunicació des de l’actitud emprenedora buscant nous models, també ha exercit durant diversos anys de professora als alumnes d’últim curs de Periodisme i Publicitat i Relacions Publiques de la Universitat de Vic.

Després de dirigir l’àrea de màrqueting i comunicació d’una multinacional durant 6 anys, el 2008 va decidir fundar el seu propi projecte, Dívik Comunicació & Marketing, des d’on acompanya empreses en els seus processos de comunicació estratègica i col·labora amb diferents projectes d’emprenedoria ajudant-los des de la seva experiència professional.



Eva Torrents sube al Imagine Express con un reto singular: demostrar es posible crear un producto editorial sobre vías con un equipo y un sistema de trabajo on-train y off-train .

Su reto es escribir una publicación en los 6000 minutos de countdown que durará el trayecto de Imagine Express. La publicación , el Imagine Daily Express ,quiere trasladar, por un lado, las vivencias y las emociones de los participantes en el programa, mostrando las variables que mueven el emprendimiento en 4 días y sometidas a una presión de tiempo continua. Por otro lado, el Daily Express recogerá la propia vivencia de la relator, sometida a la misma presión que el resto de participantes y con el compromiso de cerrar el proyecto en el minuto cero de la Imagine Express el 27 de febrero en Barcelona Mobile World Congress.

Mientras ella traslada a la publicación los contenidos, la diseñadora Anna Defez trabajará desde Barcelona en el diseño y la composición de la publicación simultáneamente. “No se trata de hacer un blog con updates de lo que está pasando en el tren. Se trata de crear una publicación editorial ” dice Eva Torrents.

Imagine Daily Express quiere ser una publicación que capte las actitudes y las emociones que mueven los emprendedores de una manera extrema: sometidos a una presión de tiempo muy intensa, obligados a entenderse con partners a quien aún no conocen y siendo capaces de seducir a los inversores en 3 minutos .

Estoy convencida de que en Imagine Express veremos las actitudes propias del proceso emprendedor en formato compacto , llevadas al extremo . En el fondo, los dreamers deberán experimentar y superar los handicaps que pueden surgir en cualquier proceso de emprendimiento: creatividad, desarrollo, viabilidad de negocio y vender la idea a los inversores y al mercado. Ver en estado puro y en formato de countdown permitirá dibujar el emprendimiento en esencia “, afirma Eva Torrents .

El Imagine Daily Express se publicará en la web de Imagine Express y enalgunos portales editoriales y de medios de comunicación .

Eva Torrents es una apasionada por la comunicación en todas sus vertientes De formación periodística y con más de 11 años de experiencia en medios de comunicación, como prensa y radio, hace más de 12 que se lanzó a la comunicación corporativa y el marketing estratégico.

Convencida de que hay que hacer avanzar la comunicación desde la actitud emprendedora buscando nuevos modelos, también ha ejercido durante varios años de profesora a los alumnos de último curso de Periodismo y Publicidad y Relaciones Públicas de la Universidad de Vic.

Después de dirigir el área de marketing y comunicación de una multinacional durante 6 años, en 2008 decidió fundar su propio proyecto, Dívik Comunicación & Marketing , dese donde acompaña empresas en sus procesos de comunicación estratégica y colabora con diferentes proyectos de emprendimiento ayudándoles desde su experiencia profesional.

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Brais Gabín from InqBarna

Brais Gabín  has been chosen to represent Inqbarna as a developer at Imagine Express 2014. Congratulations and welcome on board Brais!

Brais is a Software Engineer in love with Open Source. He is an Android  expert, and “this is not the Android way” is one of his favorite quotes. He believes blindly that UX is one of the key factors in app development, but since no one uses an application only for its nice buttons, he also has experience developing REST servers with which he feeds the applications. He studied Computer Science and has about three years of experience developing Android apps, such as Meetizer, Cookbooth, Splyce, etc. In his spare time, if not playing board games, he contributes to various open code libraries.

Inqbarna is  mobile studio based in Barcelona in love with music & apps. They have created some of the most successful music apps in the market (Splyce, deej, Riffer) with more than 3M downloads combined. A young and talented team of designers, developers and marketing talent to bring the most brilliant ideas to the mobile arena, from the prototype to the final product, from a dream to a reality. Together with their music works, they create apps and mobile games for other startups and companies, and they have become one of the leading mobile studios in the country.




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Marcel Arbó Dreamer from ameu8

To choose who would represent ameu8 at Imagine Express 2014, an internal hackathon was organized at the ameu8 offices. In this hackathon, the developers had to present their idea together with a demo to a  jury. The winner of this hackathon and therefore the dreamer who will be representing  ameu8 at Imagine Express 2014 is Marcel Arbó.

Marcel Arbó is a software engineer focused on mobile App development. Passionate new technologies and smartphones. Marcel is currently a Senior Mobile Developer with more than 4 years of experience with Mobile Solutions, particularly with iOS technology. His hobbies are all types of sports, specially football, paddle and scuba diving.

ameu8 is a consultant boutique  for enterprise mobility  belonging to the Everis group, which is dedicated to strategic definition, design and development of mobility solutions for large corporations. With a team of over 50 people working on projects in Brazil, Colombia, Spain, USA, Mexico, Peru, Switzerland and United Kingdom.


Welcome on board Marcel Arbó!



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