Fátima Mulero Dreamer from University of Deusto

Fátima Mulero was born in Merida, Spain in 1992. When she was 14 she was as a volunteer for an association of people with intellectual disabilities and also for the Red Cross. Since 2012 she studies “Primary Education specialist in therapeutic pedagogy” degree. She stayed two years at the Pontifical University of Salamanca and the third year at university she did an Erasmus  in France at the Université Catholique de l’ouest. She has performed internships in two schools in France and attended various courses of disability. In 2012 Fátima went to the First World Congress of Technologies for Autism at Valencia and then worked with children with autism at Apnabi in Basque Country. Her passion is  special education and she has done a lot of courses about learning disabilities, autism, speech disorders…

Regarding entrepreneurship, in 2012 she presented a research and innovation project at the Pontifical University of Salamanca and created “Tinepet app project” at University Club of Innovation for children with special needs. Since September, she is studying at the University of Deusto, where she found a great opportunity to be part of “Ekin-it” a entrepreneurship and innovation program. She believes that with effort and enthusiasm anything is possible. Fátima is always in search of new motivations and opportunities.

The University of Deusto (UD) was inaugurated in 1886. The concerns and cultural interest of the Basque Country in having their own university, as well as the interest of the Jesuits in establishing higher studies in some part of the Spanish State coincided in its conception. Bilbao, a seaport and commercial city which was undergoing considerable industrial growth during that era, was chosen as the ideal location.

The UD has historically been a reference point for training top professionals who have led the economic development of our region and nation.  To a great extent, this has been possible due to the values that the UD has instilled in its students. One of the main values at present is the so called ‘entrepreneurial spirit’.

The 2011/2014 Strategic Plan strengthens this entrepreneurial spirit on both campuses through Ekin-IT, Innovandis and DeustoKabi (now the Nursery for New Technology Based Businesses and Social Action) with areas for entrepreneurs at the Bilbao and San Sebastian campuses. The Deusto Entrepreneurship Centre is leading this initiative.

Thus, the university has taken on a commitment to society which consists not only of providing the best education but also helping to develop state of the art in each of its faculties’ specialist fields and transferring it to the society it serves.  Transfer of these competences to persons and knowledge generated to society is a key feature of the 2011/2014 Strategic Plan.

By fostering the entrepreneurial spirit among members of the University of Deusto, DeustoKabi (Bilbao and San Sebastian campuses), has become a key driver in creating and developing spin-offs, while  awareness programs such as Ekin-It and Innovandis have become key training elements .

Welcome on board Fátima!



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