Finalists to present on 19th of December event

From the Imagine staff we would like to thank everyone who has submitted their applications to Imagine Express in these past days. We have detected great talent, congratulations to all for your hard work! Please note that ALL applications that have been submitted are still active for the contest ending on the 31st of January. If you have not been selected to present on the 19th, don’t worry your application will still be evaluated as a candidate. You still have more chances!

After a couple days of deliberation the finalist of each sector have been selected! On the event that will be held this upcoming Thursday 19th of December at 6:30pm at Arts Sant Mònica (Barcelona), these finalist will compete to become the first dreamers to get a ticket for the IMAGINE EXPRESS.

5 ideas, 5 business profiles and 7 developers have been chosen to represent each sector during the event. As you can see in the invitation in the following link: the way the winners will be chosen will be the following

IDEAS - the five candidates will present their ideas in a two minute presentation, the jury + the audience will vote the best idea

BUSINESS PROFILE - the five candidates will present themselves in a 90 second pitch, the jury + the audience will vote the best pitch

DEVELOPER – on the 19th from 1pm – 6pm we will hold a hackathon where the developers will have to proof their skills, the jury will vote the best demo 





1. David Kaufmann

2. Enric Alicarte

3. Jon Urbina

4. Josep Segarra

5. Patricia Barragan



1. Gema Muñoz

2. Julia Puig

3. Nil Daunis

4. Sana Khouja

5. Sara Sandino



1. Alex Chimeno

2. Fernando Garcia Bernal

3. Guissepe Basile

4. Horacio Herrera

5. Josep Cumeras

6.Oriol Blanc

7. Ronan O Ciosoig


If you want to come help up our finalist come vote for them at our event at Arts Santa Monica today, 19th of December form 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Free tickets here.












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