Ignacio López Dreamer from Init

Ignacio López Lacalle co-founded Web & Web diseño y comunicación S.L. An enterprise based in Zaragoza which offers web design, web development and graphic solutions for enterprise.

He studied electronics and worked in different jobs. He is a flexible worker because he has been working individually and in big teams. Later, he studied graphic and web design master for reinventing himself and to immerse in a creative area. In this way, he focused on web open source projects.  He is a creative, active and dynamic person willing to learn. He likes to get involved in any project which he can contribute something of value.

Init encourages the set up and development of new business initiatives. Initiatives that have to do with Health, Oceanography, the Sea World, eco-sustainability, new technologies, communication, digital art… applying great capacity for innovation and the latest technology to meet different challenges across these fields.

Init promotes innovative ideas launched both by individuals and entrepreneurial teams, creating the conditions for them so they can carry out these ideas with a great success. Init supports entrepreneurs from the beginning with the search of funding, providing contacts and everything a everything a starting business might  require.

Welcome on board Ignacio!



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