Marc Mateu dreamer from Col·legis Majors Penyafort-Montserrat-Llull

Marc Mateu Mateus is finishing Telecommunications Engineering at UPC. Bioengineering has always been one of his passions, and also all kinds of technology, in particular  themes related to healthy habits.

Currently, he is working in two bioengineering research projects in the Department of Electronic Engineering in UPC, which are Healing Drop (inside the project: INNPACTO de la Secretaría de Estado de I+D+i adscrita al Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad) and a project from RecerCaixa, where he develops software in iOS platform and also different types of dedicated servers. In this projects they try to monitor the habits of the patients by controlling, among other things, user’s respiration in different positions and places, and telling him if he is sleeping or not by analysing his respiration patterns. In addition the app monitors the patient cardiac pulse with dedicated hardware (Polar Band with Bluetooth Low Energy) or by placing the finger on the device camera and processing the video feed. All this software is been developed to improve or maintain the healthy habits of the users, with the help of this apps.

On the other hand, he has collaborated in the design and implementation of data acquisition in the cardiac pulse bluetooth sensor of the recently launched app FitLab Free by Health&SportLab.

For two years he has worked in Col·legi Mayor Penyafort-Montserrat maintaining their networks and all their informatics equipments, including their web page. He is also working in a project for the col·legi, that consists of a smart parking. He is currently developing the remote processing server and the integration of this systems to the Internet.

Finally, he has advanced knowledge in different programming languages, that include: objective-c, java, c… Several types of relational databases: MySQL, Sqlite, CoreData and different types of computational programs such as Matlab and Omnetpp, as well as php5 and html5.

The Col.legis Majors Penyafort-Montserrat-Llull of the University of Barcelona are centres where are housed annually around 650 students enrolled in varying degrees at universities in the city. The institution aims to attract the talent and help promote it through cooperation between not only the students living in a given year but also between those who have lived in the College in the past. All of them belong to a network that provides students access to the working world and allows businesses the recruitment of young talented professionals.

The main fact that describes the Col.legi Major is interdisciplinarity, which allows an exchange of knowledge and points of view that, for example, has recently resulted in the installation of a smart parking in Penyafort premises, in which 10 different students of several ages have collaborated.


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