Prototyping with Concept Inbox

In the Projects section of our website you will be able to find the 12 projects our Dreamers will be working on during the Imagine Express Program. Each project has it’s own microsite which our teams will be updating throughout the journey. To create these microsites, we have used the mobile prototyping tool from Concept Inboxa tool developed by Oscar del Río (dreamer of Silicon Valley 2011) and his amazing team.

Concept Inbox is an all-in-one visual collaboration platform for designers and other creatives that gives them the suitable tools to work together without meeting face-to-face, saving a lot of time. Concept Inbox provides great communication tools that allows you to comment and give feedback on the graphic files to get the job done quickly.

As such, Concept Inbox provides the ability for designers to create interactive prototypes without coding and get feedback on them in a visual way – which should make it easier on clients too. (Currently in private beta)

Concept Inbox has already more than 10,000 users from 97 different countries



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