Sana Khouja Dreamer from Eada

Sana Khouja will been one of the two representatives (together with Mateo Pereira) from EADA to join Imagine Express 2014 as a business profile. Welcome on board Sana!

Sana currently collaborates independently as business developer for startups and does consultancy for several projects. She enjoys taking part of challenging projects, especially those that involve risks and pioneers. She knows she needs to take responsibility to ensure success in her work.

Sana has a special interest in Islamic Finance, in which she has been active over the past two years and has led her to make contacts, live great experiences and travel to the Middle East countries in various occasions. Sana studied business administration and management, and in the past 8 years she has worked in different companies taking different positions such as marketing, sales, finance and international trade, implementing spanish companies in the the Middle East countries. Currently MBA candidate at EADA.

Sana is passionate about entrepreneurship, and her career goal is oriented in this way. Hobbies: travel, dancing zumba, practice “bikram yoga” and running.

Founded in 1957, EADA was one of the first Spanish institutions to provide training programmes that specifically targeted the business world. For over 50 years EADA has been in the frontline of manager training and in-company training programmes for the business community. Their longstanding relations with over 350 Associated Companies constitute the backbone of EADA’straining and intends to address the needs of the corporate world by urging the participants on EADAprogrammes to take on an active role in their own career development. Over 120,000 participants from over 50 countries have entrusted their training to EADA, which in itself goes to show that this institution is one of Europe’s most innovative and prestigious business schools.



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