Winners Imagine Express 2014

On Wednesday 26th of February the 12 teams of Imagine Express presented their projects in front of investors and experts at the London Eye. From the Imagine staff we would like to congratulate all the teams for their amazing work, all the members of the jury were amazed by everything they had achieved in only 2 days. It has been spectacular to see how the teams have worked together to create extraordinary  projects.

The teams entered the London Eye cabins by categories, three teams where competing in every category: Open, Social, Tourism&Culture, and Health. From each category the judges chose one final winner. The choice was not easy, the jury members had a very though time making the decisions! We would like to thank Yolanda Perez (BStartup), Ignacio Fonts (Inveready), Itxaso del Palacio (EC1 Capital), John Henderson (White Start Capital), Sofia Hmich (Index Ventures), Arturo Calvo (Dialective)  and Clara Navarro (shi2b) for joining us in this great adventure!



Winners Imagine Express 2014

Open Theme Category :

WiPet - ensuring the peace of mind for pet owners

Team members: Ignacio López (creative), Marc Mateu (developer), Natalia Dominguez (business)




Tourism & Culture: Trip4Real - global community marketplace that connects travelers with local experts who offer unique activities

Team members: Gloria Molins (creative), Oscar Cardona (developer), Mateo Pereira (business)




Social: Vincles - Collaborative trust networks to support the elderly who are dependent and isolated

Team members: Josep María Miró (creative), Pablo Niñoles (developer), Jordi Picas Vila (business)



Health: Phisious -App that allows physical virtual rehabilitation

Team members: Xavier Palomer (creative), Joui Comeras (developer), Edgardo Adorno (business)




Prizes for the winning teams:

Presentation at Mobile World Congress (28th of February 2014)

Access to the final of AUDI Silicon Valley Competition

Fast Track to Wayra/Conector/LinkToStart/Ship2b

15,000 euros in technology services by Microsoft

5,000 euros in legal services by BDO

Communication services by aPortada

Social Media Campaigns by Softonic

MotoX smartphones by Motorola

Mifis 4G by Orange

Eada StartUp program grant / Founder Institute Grant



Congratulations to all the participant teams, what you have all accomplished is incredible! You are all winners! 


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