A few days to go and we will be on route to Paris and London! So exciting!

Imagine Express will be our train-office to develop some awesome projects in the mobile apps and the Internet of Things sector.

There are 12 projects that have been selected from thousands of applicants, the following creative minds will team up with one business profile and one developer dreamer to progress with their breakthrough ideas:

1. EduChore – Fintech Category, sponsored by Banc Sabadell

By Montserrat PeranauCredit Risk Manager at Banco Sabadell

EduChore is a game thought to motivate family members to share house- family domestic tasks in a fun way. EduChores aims to manage savings, to educate and to share values”

2. CUBS – Fintech Category, sponsored by Banc Sabadell

By Josep Maria Guiu, Servicing Director

CUBS enhance relationships between clients and their bank within the most personal environment, at home.This is an electronic device that facilitates a convenient and bidirectional communication”

3. Solvia Social Sphere – Fintech Category, sponsored by Banc Sabadell

By Francisco Espuig,  Manager at Factoría Genexus

Solvia Social Sphere is the Solvia clients club. The project aims to improve relationships between Solvia and their clients in a long term basis.  Throughout the social club and a services platform,  Solvia connects and problem-solves client needs  before, during, and after the acquisition of a house”

4. El Camino – Health Category, sponsored by Sanofi

By Rudi Subirà, Health Economics & Outcomes Research (HEOR) at Sanofi

  El Camino will be an app that takes you to El Camino de Santiago and encourages you to become  a pilgrim in this adventure of 775km in 31 phases, it goes from Sain Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela. And you don’t even need to move out of your town!

5. Duo Movilization – Health Category sponsored by Sanofi

By Oliver Pou, Head of Market and Customer Knowledge at Sanofi

Duo Movilization is a project that encourages you to do sport together with someone from your social or family circle, it will improve your physical conditions as well as your relationships.  Compete with other tandems in a local or international level and win special prizes.

6. Dibox – Health Category sponsored by Sanofi

By Olga Casals, Business Excellence / Talent Graudate Program at Sanofi

Dibox is an application addressed to people who suffers diabetes type 2. Overcoming challenges and using geo-localitzation, they will be able to meet routes in special places, marvellous or hidden, simple places that are probably close but they would have never found.

7. Gamin’ Operation – Water Category, sponsored by Aqualogy

By Xavier Guardia, Founding Partner at Soft for you

Gamin’ Operation aims to develop a helping service for mobile applications. Designed by levels such as in a video game, this application would be licensed with training and as part of a career plan”

8. Digital Footprint – Water Category, sponsored by Aqualogy

By Rodrigo Martínez, Senior Java Developer

Digital Footprint is a water consumption gamification project. Thanks to footprints digital lecture technology, consumer profiles can be categorised. The project aims to premium responsible consumption in hotels, gyms, spas or rental apartments according to consumer profiles.

9. WEJ Circle – Water Category, sponsored by Aqualogy

By Pau Argelaguet, CTO & Co-Founder at WEJ

WEJ Circle for Ôasys converts the process of choosing music into a social, seamless and pleasant experience through a gorgeous interface that perfectly matches the aesthetic of Ôasys device. Ôasys is an interactive device that enhance the way you experience water.

Among other features you can monitor water consumption, the hydration level of your body or even detect leaks, features can easily be personalised for each member of the family.  Now Wej will integrate the music to generate a holistic experience.

10. Synthia – Open Theme Category (Social Innovation), sponsored by Audi

By Fergus Simpson, Cosmologist -

“Everybody listens to music, but few have the patience to learn an instrument or to create their own music. Guitar Hero was hugely successful as it let players pick up and play without a steep learning curve. Synthia provides the same level of instantaneous accessibility to composing music from scratch, simply by drawing shapes on the screen, or even by taking a photograph”

11. HybridPlay – Open Theme Category (Social Innovation) sponsored by Audi

By Diego Diaz, New Media Artist, Researcher and Professor 

HybridPlay is a project that transforms playgrounds into video games scenarios. Multi-age & inclusive, promotes social games, sports and ludic learning. Thanks to the HybridPlay technology, a sensor is adapted to swings and sledges to transform them into video games. Children must jump, balance or swing to get out of a labyrinth or avoid a rain of asteroids

12. Woow – Open Theme Category (Social Innovation) sponsored by Audi 

Carlos Caballero, Product Trainer

Woow allows young passengers to interact with the exterior world from inside a car using a tablet or a mobile phone.  Combining both real aspects (localization, window views) and virtual ones (device) the app encourages creative attitudes throughout a number of activities. These activities are designed in accordance with users age and aim to stimulate curiosity to learn new things on real and virtual landscapes.

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