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So here we are again. Today is the day, we are presenting the forthcoming edition of Imagine Express at Arts Santa Monica in Barcelona. For those who don’t know about Imagine Express is a hackatrain, by this we mean, we are looking for talented business people, outstanding developers and fresh designers who will have the challenge to develop an app during a train trip that departs from Barcelona, stops in Paris and keeps moving until London and returns to Barcelona. 4 DAYS, 12 TEAMS (3 people in each) and BIG challenges.

This morning we have planned a small hackatram, yes inside the tram. The journey has been awesome. 9 developers, 6 creatives and 6 business. They all have done their pitches but only 3 will jump in the HACKATRAIN. The new DREAMERS will be announce tonight at Arts Santa Monica at 19pm, and the call for the new ones (33 more places) is opened from today. Come and see us this eve to know all details! Online from tomorrow.

Here some images of today, Enjoy!




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